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Love it Live it

Email us
Simply drop us an email and let us know when and where you want your session and what you want to get from it.

  Get coaching on any white water skills.  

Expert Coaching
A week of intensive, top quality coaching aimed at developing all aspects of your freestyle kayaking.

  Photos of white water and adventure  

Debbie Stitt
“The guys all had a fantastic time and you could see how much they improved throughout the day"

  Freestyle Kayak Video  

Not Just Freestyle
We can run sessions on competition preparation, rolling, down river techniques or whatever you want.

  Get some quality coaching with Love it Live it  

LiLi Team Video
A video of Sam and friends freestylin' on the Nile Special wave, Uganda... Loving it and Living it.

  Freestyle Kayak Video  

Exotic Destinations
A lot of our coaching is done as part of our trips, which we run in many of the world's best kayaking destinations.

  Freestyle Kayak Video  

Our sessions aim to take your freestyle to the next level. Whatever your ability, the LiLi team have extensive experience in helping people improve. We can help you learn new moves, perfect technique and shed light on those moves that you don't quite have your head around.

Get Freestyle Coaching in the UK, Uganda or Zambia

How the Sessions Work
Our clinics are tailored to suit your needs, and the session will be planned around whatever it is you’d like to work on. If you prefer, the coach can suggest ideas for moves and techniques to tackle that will be most fun and beneficial to your long term development.

We take a methodical approach to playboating and like to break things down into simple components to help build clear understanding. To do this we use video analysis in all our freestyle clinics.

Our sessions begin with an introduction and briefing with your LiLi coach followed by a thorough on the water session. We finish with reviewing the video footage and writing a comprehensive appraisal of the session with pointers for your future paddling.

We offer 3 hour, full day and two day rates, making us flexible to fit in with whatever it is you’re after.

There is lots of info down this page to figure out when, where and with who you’d like to book. To book a coaching session, drop us an email at .

We do the freestyle clinics in a variety of locations and countries.

Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham
Hurley Weir, Thames
The Dee or Tryweryn, North Wales
Nile Special, Club Wave or Superhole on the White Nile, Uganda.
Rapid 2, 8, or 12b on the Zambezi, Zambia
and other places by request.

All LiLi coaches are highly experience, skilled and BCU qualified. They live for the enjoyment of kayaking and the challenge and reward of coaching. This makes coaching with LiLi fun and inspiring and it drives the coaches to make every session rewarding and enjoyable.

Sam Ward – With years of freestyle coaching experience, Sam has built up an extensive knowledge of the freestyle moves and has developed his own methodical and structured techniques for coaching freestyle. Sam is currently coaching the Great British Freestyle team and has seen the team pick up a total of 16 medals in 3 years he has been coaching them.

Emily Wall – A long standing member of the British Freestyle Team, former British Champion and Junior European Champion and she placed 6th at the last Worlds. Emily has also been Chief Judge at a World Championships, and has been an active coach for 8 years, coaching on 4 continents and a wide variety of play features. For those ladies who would prefer to be coached by another girl, Emily also specialises in women’s coaching.

If you wish to request a certain coach for your session feel free to do so, we will do our best to accommodate you.

We make an effort to work around dates that suit you.

What day would be perfect for you? Let us know the ideal date, and also a broader period that could work for you and we’ll see what we can do:

Cost and Length of Session
For one to one coaching:
Half day - 125USD
Full day - 165USD
2 days - 310USD

Standard Rate:
Half day - 100USD
Full day - 135USD
2 days - 255USD

For larger groups or different length clinics, drop us an email

Book a Session
To book a coaching session, email us at

Client Testimonials
''I thoroughly enjoyed the session. I felt like I moved forward leaps and bounds in both my understanding of moves and my performance. I was impressed how you were able to draw on a variety of teaching techniques to really break down the moves and explain it all in lay-man's terms.
It was great to have video feedback and the written feedback provided was really in depth. I am sure it will be very useful in the future.''
Sara James

“The guys all had a fantastic time and you could see how much they improved throughout the day. Rob's first loop will stick with him for many weeks to come I'm sure (and get bigger, higher and faster with each telling!). We really appreciated the amount of time you were able to give to each paddler, and the feedback will remain very meaningful for them because of your individual explanations at the end of the session”
Debbie Stitt

''Fantastic coaching, the way Sam is able to break everything down was a real eye opener.  All of my boating has improved and I have a better understanding of aspects where I can improve in the future''.
Stuart Haywood

“Jake has gotten so much out of the coaching sessions. You have a real gift.”
Alex Gampel (mother of Jake Norman).

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