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  Uganda Photo Gallery  
The White Nile is a truly stunning place... Great lifestyle, friendly people, stunning wildlife and warm water, not to mention some of the best and biggest variety of white water on the planet...
Curious kids checking us out...
The Nile special wave.. warm water, good eddy access and big air!
A kid watches in amazement as Seb plugs kalagala falls
Doing the shuttle.. Uganda Style!
When you have had enough paddling there are plenty of other distractions
Eric Jackson throwing a huge helix on the mighty mutts nuts wave
This chameleon changed colour depending on where we put him, he wasnt very good at orange though!
A child shelters from the rain during the 2006 Nile Freestyle Festival
Some serious chillaxing on the Hairy Lemon Campsite
Simon styling on Bujagali Falls
Monkey Business
Sam several feet above the White Nile, Uganda
Josh hitting the G spot... Theres a first time for everything
Even the resident monkeys on the Hairy Lemon get big air
Some of the Jackson team fooling around with expensive camara gadgets!
Steve Fisher with a huge panam in the 2006 Nile Freestyle Festival
There is so much to entertain your eyes, even when your not paddling. More stunning wildlife
Max Bilbow dropping into the meat of Hypoxia
This is the stunning Ugly sisters wave.. now gone because of the Dam. Gutted
Everywhere you go in Uganda the local kids are so happy to see you
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