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  Frequently Asked Questions about the White Nile, Uganda.  
Cunovo Freestyle Kayaking holiday Development camp

Cunovo Freestyle Development Camp

5th - 12th August 2018

A week of intensive, top quality coaching aimed at developing all aspects of your freestyle kayaking in preparation for the European Championships or just to improve your freestyle in a fun environment.

The freestyle development camp will be based at Cunovo whitewater area in Slovakia where the European Championships will be held (14-19 August 2018), including a trip to Wildalpen and Graz.

Your coaches will be World Champion Quim Fontane and Bartosz Czauderna.

The training schedule will be designed to suit your individual requirements, with the aim of preparing you for the upcoming European Championships.

Our expert coaches and their instruction and advice on competition preparation will help you maximize your performance and compete at your highest level in competition.

What's on offer?

Personalised coaching

Individual coaching form some of the best on the elements of freestyle that you want to work on.

Expert technique advice

We can break down any freestyle move or combo and provide you with key points and valuable understanding to help get that move nailed.

Long term development

We aim not just to help you out during that week, but also to provide you with all the understanding and knowledge to continue your development towards European Championships and beyond.

Daily video feedback

We will use progressive, positive coaching and resources including extensive daily video analysis.

Comprehensive review

At the end of the week we will provide you with an extensive review of your paddling, (we will also send you a digital copy via email), as well as a few video clips showing the key things you worked on.

This camp also gives you the opportunity to transform your competition performance for the better. We will work on:

Competition preparation

We can help you prioritise your training to identify key areas for focus and help you put together a training plan that provides higher performance.

Run construction

How to choose which move to do first? Go big or be conservative? Should you try to link moves or keep it simple? We will tackle all these questions and more to help you put together the perfect run on any feature.

Competition scoring

A fundamental part of winning competitions that is often overlooked is whether you are scoring what you think you are. We can help you understand how judging works, and help you build a comprehensive understanding of the latest competition rules.

Competition practice 

We will run several practice competitions, and we will help you learn how to maximise your points. We can also explore the use of visualisation and other techniques to help you prepare your mind just before a competition.

Mental preparation

Some days you paddle well, and some days you dont. We will discuss ways to put yourself in the right mindset, feeling positive to make sure your big competition day is a day when youre on fire, not washed out.

Training for a most important competition

If you are working towards a certain event, we can run the whole week with that competition in mind, help you put together a run and identify key areas for you to work on.

N.B. For those who are not interested in competition (or certain aspects of it mentioned above) there is no obligation to include only competition orientated coaching. If you prefer we can work only on technique and the pure pleasure of pulling freestyle moves!


The kayaking will be held on the Divoka Voda area in Cunovo (Bratislava, Slovakia) where we will use competition hole in order to prepare for European Championships but also ADDITIONALY we are going to hit a few playspots in the area to have some fun and let you experience new playspots!

During our trip to amazing playspots located just a few hours away  Graz and Wildalpen - we will play in different playspots before competition that will help us to get a bit of a perspective about a feature that we compete in, get more additional training for ourselves and work on specific moves in different locations to make them more reliable! Those are perfect places to practice your freestyle, with a variety of features to practise core skills and some excellent holes to perfect some more advanced techniques.

We will try and ensure there is a good balance between fun kayaking, and constructive coaching, and we will also include some off the water sessions to let our bodies rest up when we need it.

Something that we believe is very important is making sure that the itinerary is flexible: we will tailor the coaching to suit you, and what you want to learn.

Your Coaches

This week-long package will be run by Bartosz Czauderna in cooperation with World Champion Quim Fontane Maso!

They have both built up an extensive knowledge of freestyle moves and have developed their own methodical and structured techniques for improving freestyle. Both Bartosz and Quim were coaching their own juniors who have achieved top places in world area already.

Quim has won last World and European Championships while both of their juniors ended up in top 10 of their classes! They have paddled and coached on over a hundred rivers across many countries and have extensive experience in running safe and rewarding sessions, and in providing a professional, relaxed and fun environment off the water!

  Quim is like a fire - explosive and dedicated - while Bartosz, and his well-known smile, is full of positive energy and analytical thinking.

Their combination of eastern and western coaching styles creates the fuel that is going to bring your freestyle to the next level!

All the LiLi coaches are highly experienced and qualified.

They live for the enjoyment of kayaking and the challenge and reward of coaching.

This makes coaching with LiLi fun and inspiring and it drives the coaches to make every session rewarding and enjoyable. 

N.B. If there are more than four people per coach on the course, then another of the LiLi team will join Qum and Bartosz to ensure you still get plenty of individual coaching. (MAXIMUM NUMBER FOR THIS TRIP IS 8!)

Food, logistics and accommodation

Logistics to Wildalpen and Graz are included in the trip cost.

Food and accommodation are paid separately.

In Cunovo we recommend camping or staying in bungalows (small houses for four people with beds) located just next to the kayak course.

We are going to spend two nights in Wildalpen  for accommodation there we recommend Naturfreunde camping where camping and a guest house are available.

The campsite in the summer time normally has a number of kayakers staying there, and that is where we will be based.

At the end of each days paddling we will also review the paddling and footage at the campsite.

Outside of paddling

The camp is suitable for both youth and adult paddlers. Both Quim and Bartosz are high class coaches with pedagogical background.

During the camp if they are going to look after young paddlers, participants and their legal supervisors must agree to rules of camp.

Feel free to drop us an email if you have any concerns or questions about this or to discuss it further

Who is this camp suitable for?

The package is ideal for anyone who wants to prepare for the European Championships or bring their freestyle game to a maximum level and has a solid white water roll and a willingness to learn!

The freestyle development camps are during the summer holidays and provide a perfect opportunity to get some decent paddling in whilst other unfortunate souls are at work!


A typical week will run as follows: - 9 sessions in Cunovo, 2 in Graz and 2 in Wildalpen:

Sunday Evening

Arrive and check in to accommodation - we can arrange special pickups from local airports for an additional fee (Vienna or Bratislava airport) - please contact us for more details.


Meet at the white water course, a briefing and a chance to discuss goals for the week. Paddling and coaching all day, video feedback at the end of the day, getting familiar with the playspot.


Leaving very early to Graz for two sessions, paddling and coaching all day - at the end of the day drive to Wildalpen. Video feedback and review in Wildalpen.


Paddling and coaching in the morning, in the afternoon an off water coaching session, and a chance to let the bodies rest up a bit. For anyone interested there's an opportunity to visit the local Sauna. (additional cost)


Paddling and coaching in Wildalpen in the morning, mini competition in Wildalpen. Then driving back to Cunovo for afternoon session. Video feedback at the end of the day.


Paddling and coaching all day, video feedback at the end of the day.


Competition, scoring and judging practice all day. An individual, comprehensive review of your paddling in the late afternoon / early evening.

Sunday morning

Short session before the mini competition in afternoon.


05-12 August 2018

Extra coaching sessions on a build up towards the European Championships can be arranged. Please email us for more info.

These dates don't suit? Straight after European Championships we are running a camp in Nottingham! For more info email


€549 coaching only.


€999 including all coaching, food and accomodation.

We welcome payments in other currencies, if you want to do this then please let us know

Includes: A week of expert coaching, video analysis and a comprehensive review of your paddling and an action plan for your future development at the end, ride plan, transport to Wildalpen and Graz, for infants responsibility for your conduct / behaviour outside the coaching sessions if accepted terms and conditions.

Excludes: personal paddling equipment (available to rent at an additional cost)

For different length camps drop us an email

N. B. The all-inclusive is the suggested for option for youth coming without supervision.

N. B. The minimum number of paddlers for this course is 3.

Contact Information
If you have any queries at all, feel free to drop us an email.

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