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White Nile Pictures
Amazing wildlife, warm water, chilled lifestyle and top quality white water to help you improve...

  Amazing photos of the White Nile and life in Uganda.  

The White Nile
For a full breakdown of what is on offer please contact us and we will send you a full itinerary.

  Full itinerary, climate, white water and more...  

White Nile Video
Check out this video to get a real taste of what the trip could be like... a warm water paddling paradise!

  Frequently Asked Questions about the White Nile, Uganda.  

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If you have any questions about Uganda or the trip drop us an email, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  Frequently Asked Questions about the White Nile, Uganda.

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  Frequently Asked Questions about the White Nile, Uganda.  
Experience the White Nile.

  • Kayak in an exotic location guided by highly experienced, fully qualified instructors.

  • The White Nile has a huge amount of channels and quality rapids of varying difficulty – your guides know them all and will help you find perfect white water for your ability.
  • Expert low ratio coaching, tailored to suit you and your kayaking.

  • Warm water, equatorial climate and stunning wildlife.

  • Amazing playboating for all abilities – whether you are learning to surf or perfecting your helixes, there is great features for you on the Nile.

  • Experience African culture and enjoy the Ugandan lifestyle.

  • Flexible trip to suit your needs - Optional extras include a 3 day safari, white water rafting, bungee jump, and many other activities (not included in price).

  • Specialist freestyle training camps also available with GB team coach, Sam Ward.

What was the paddling highlight of the trip? Why?
"Paddling some huge whitewater on rapids like Vengeance, Hair of the Dog, Kula Shaker as well as surfing Nile Special. All were totally out of my comfort zone and great fun."
What was the most useful part of the coaching?
"The personalised feedback on wave surfing, it helped my confidence progress a lot."
How did the trip compare to your expectations prior to the trip?
"Exceeding my expectations. I had a lot of fun."
Any suggestions or other comments about your trip, the place or Love it Live it?
"Thoroughly enjoyed the two weeks, the paddling was exciting and in some beautiful surroundings. The accommodation was great, especially the Hairy Lemon. Love the cold drinks when getting off the water. The coaching was extremely high quality and all LiLi/KTN staff were friendly and helpful. Big shout out to Jamie who put in a massive effort throughout the two weeks to make us all happy. All I can say is keep it up, you’ve got a really special thing going on over there."

How did the trip compare to your expectations prior to the trip?
"Exceeded expectations"
Any thoughts on the pre-trip information/interaction?
“Pre-trip info was excellent/lots of info on travel and other trips. All emails were answered quickly.”
Any suggestions or other comments about your trip, the place or Love it Live it?
“Thanks for the excellent trip guys, keep up the great work."

“Awesome trip; LiLi and NRE staff were excellent and so helpful. Really enjoyed staying at NRE Bujagali and Hairy Lemon was incredible. Everyone was super helpful, was easy to get around and find what you needed due to this. Just really enjoyed the places, the people, really can’t think of anything negative, would love to come back :)"

Trip Summary
The White Nile flows from lake Victoria in Uganda, over the next forty five kilometres it creates one of the most incredible and varied sections of white water anywhere in the world. Countless channels varying from easy class two to some of the best big volume rapids anywhere. The Love it Live it guides know them all and have spent many thousands of hours coaching and exploring this river. They will use this local knowledge and specialised big volume experience to tailor the trip to your needs, maximising your progression and enjoyment.

The White Nile is also widely regarded as one of the best playboating rivers anywhere in the world. There are features ideal for learning to surf, for throwing huge aerial moves and everything in between. It is not uncommon for devoted non–playboaters to come to the Nile, enjoy the playboating so much that they sell there river running boat and get a playboat!

This trip is not just about kayaking. For every trip we sell LiLi donates 1% towards Soft Power Health, an organisation set up by Jessie Stone (doctor and pro kayaker) to educate and support local communities on health issues. We will get an opportunity to see this in action and get involved for a day (optional) to see where your money is going.

Key Facts
2018 dates:
14th October to 25th October - Kalob Grady Nile Special Trip
28th October to 10th November
11th November to 24th November
13th December to 22nd December
And any other time by arrangement.
These dates are flexible. We will alter the length and start dates to suit your needs wherever possible, and arrange a completely new date if that's what you require. Drop us an email if the date you want is not there...

Who is the trip suitable for?
Anyone who is at least comfortable on grade 3 with a good moving water roll.
If you have any doubt at all whether your ability suits this trip drop us an email and we would be happy to advise...

LiLi guides
This trip will be run by one our experienced Nile staff members.

Flights Details
Contact us...

- Shuttles to and from Entebbe Airport.
- All shuttles and transport to and from the river.
- Logistics and guiding for the duration of the stay.
- Expert individualised, low ratio coaching from experienced and qualified coaches.
- Video coaching and video analysis.
- Lunches for the duration of the stay and all meals whilst at the Hairy Lemon Campsite
- Camping fees (upgrades to a range of more luxurious accommodation are available at an extra cost).
- Local knowledge on and off the river to help you get the most out of your stay.
- Advice prior to trip on the climate, equipment needed and general travel advice if desired.
- At the end of the trip the LiLi coach will give you a full review of your paddling, and an action plan for where to go next and how.

- Flights
- Personal possessions
- Some meals whilst in Bujagali
- Kayaking equipment (we can arrange rental for an additional cost)
- Travel insurance

7 day package - £599 (£899 for one to one)
14 day package - £1099 per person (£1649 for one to one)

Please contact your local doctor well in advance of the trip. They will fill you in on everything that you need to know.

Some information about vaccinations and anti-malarial drugs can be found here:

LiLi Community Support
LiLi donates 1 penny from every pound you spend on the White Nile trip towards Soft Power Health.
Check out LiLi's views on responsible tourism.

Contact Information
If you have any queries at all, feel free to drop us an email.

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LiLi are proud of their commitments to responsible tourism and carbon offsetting. By purchasing your holiday with Love it Live it you are also helping to contribute to these causes.

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