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Experience the Zmabezi - Zambia

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Due to the nature of adventure trips, the following itinerary has to remain flexible. The LiLi team has coached many thousands of people with a wide range of abilities and backgrounds on big volume across Africa and specifically on the White Nile. This local knowledge and broad teaching base will be used to adjust the itinerary to suit the individuals and to maximise progression over the course of the trip.

Day 1: Arrival day: You will be collected from Entebbe Airport, and driven to the Nile River Explorers Campsite where you will be welcomed by your guide who will answer any immediate questions you have and make sure you’re settled in and well rested for the adventure to come.

Day 2: A warm up day starting either on the flat water then some easy white water, or straight to the easy white water. This section will consist of grades 1-3 and will give the guide the opportunity to introduce some big volume specific techniques.

Day 3: Plenty of coaching focusing on good technique and dynamic manoeuvring on class 2/3 white water. We will explore the channels around Superhole and attention will be paid on rolling on moving water.

Day 4-5: Whilst staying at Bujagali, we'll be able to do some intensive ‘park and play’ sessions at the super friendly, Super Hole. This is a great play feature for learning the basics of playboating as well all the latest freestyle tricks.

Day 6: A well deserved rest day off the river, giving you the opportunity to do a day of volunteering with Soft Power Health - an organisation set up by doctor/kayaker, Jessie Stone to educate and support the local community on health matters. Volunteering for Soft power is optional, but the LiLi team think it will be an amazingly valuable experience and a chance to interact genuinely with some Ugandan People and bring something positive to the community you are visiting. There is also potential for additional adventure activities - bungee jump, quad biking, horse riding, mountain biking, tandem kayaking and rafting (not included in the cost of the trip). Alternatively, you could take the opportunity to partake in some of Uganda's more stressful activities... hammocks, books, fishing, sunbathing, swimming, good food and cold beer.

Day 7: A half day of kayaking before we make our way downstream to our second camp, a serene tropical private island in the middle of the Nile, the Hairy Lemon.

Day 8: Coaching on down river techniques on class 3 white water, the afternoon we will run down the ‘Nile Special’ wave train (big volume class 3).

Day 9: A chance to run the whole rafted section of the Nile alongside the NRE trip. You’ll get to experience ‘Overtime’ and ‘Retrospect’ and as well as scoping out the impressive ‘Itanda’, ending the day with some serious R&R at the Hairy Lemon and a chance to share your stories of the day over a cold beer.

Day 10: A rest day on the Lemon, giving you a chance to rest, relax in a hammock, read a book, explore the island, watch the monkeys overhead from the natural Jacuzzi or play some Frisbee golf.
Day 11: Having honed your skills at Super Hole, now you’ll have the chance to test them out on the big waves of ‘Club’ and ‘Nile Special’.

Day 12: ‘Day 2’ section, from Kalagala to the Hairy Lemon – More dynamic and advanced big volume river techniques and big volume freestyle coaching.

Day 13: The last day on the river, they’ll be opportunity to either run the ‘day two’ stretch again, or surf the waves of the Nile Special wave train, or both!

Day 14: Departure day: It’s time to dry your gear, pack up and get taken back to the airport for your flight home.



The rapids vary from wide, easy and forgiving lines to (portageable) lines as huge and technical as you want to go. The White Nile also has world class play waves with good eddy service ranging from small cart wheeling holes to huge waves. If you know where to look, Uganda has everything you could want for down river and play!

The river generally splits into three or four channels, each one will have multiple lines of varying difficulty with almost every rapid ending in a huge pool at the bottom. This set up provides a huge variety lines and forgiving lines for every ability of kayaker. The LiLi guides know all the channels and lines, and will choose lines that best suit the individuals involved.

Not sure if your kayaking ability / background is suitable for the Zambezi?

The reputation is fearsome, but the reality is there is a wide range of paddling with easier / harder sections and lines to suit any ability (many people learn to paddle there). If you are in any doubt, get in touch with us and we would be happy to advise. Generally speaking, a solid roll and a bit of determination and you will be fine on most the rapids. If you have any doubt whether you are suited to the trip feel free to contact us.

Transport & Shuttles

LiLi will contract vehicles through other tour operators.

Accommodation & Food

The accommodation will be split between two locations.
The Hairy Lemon – An island paradise 45km downstream from the source of the Nile.
NRE Campsite – A riverside campsite that is the base for the main rafting company on the Nile and the hub of all kayaking and rafting on the Nile.

Included in the cost of the trip is camping at these sites (supplying your own tent and basic camping equipment). However, if camping is not your thing then it is possible to upgrade to a whole range of different types of accommodation. Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more about the options.

All lunches are included for the duration of the trip and all meals are included whilst on the Hairy Lemon. Whilst at the Hairy Lemon Island, three buffet style meals are served a day, the food is good and there is always plenty to go around. Whilst staying at the NRE Campsite we will get our meals from a range of different restaurants available in the area.

If you have any special food requirements please let us know before the trip.


Uganda has an amazing climate. Year round it is a pleasant temperature at night, and hot during the day without the oppressive heat that is common in many equatorial countries (since it has an altitude of 1000+m). It rains year around, generally for a few hours every few days (there are periods of 'wetter season' and 'drier season' but they are vague and unpredictable). When it does rain, it doesn't mess about... intense tropical rainfall for a few hours only (normally in the afternoon). The rest of the time it is sunshine / cloudy but always between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius.

The water and weather is warm year around so kayaking gear to keep you warm is not necessary. It can be useful to have a shorty dry top to keep the water out of your kayak and a long sleeve thermal to protect you from the sun.

Why should I choose LiLi

The LiLi coaches are all highly experience big volume guides and paddlers. They have gained an in depth knowledge of the rapids, waves and alternative lines on the White Nile that many people will miss. This will help you get the very best out of your paddling time in Uganda.

The LiLi coaches are also specifically chosen for their passion for kayaking and coaching. This passion, combined with general good humour, helps make paddling with LiLi a fun all round experience.

Love it live it has an awareness of the surrounding environment and culture. We believe it is important to support local communities and to preserve the places we visit. LiLi donates one percent of all income towards helping the local culture and community.

Logistics in Africa can be a headache at the best of times; we will make the arrangements, deal with the inevitable haggling and basically make every effort to make it happen in as smooth a way as is possible in Uganda.

Arriving in a new country can be intimidating, particularly in Africa. We will meet you at the airport and arrange for us to be taken directly to our accommodation.

We can also offer travel advice and pointers as to what to bring and what you will need while you are out there to further reduce the hassle of African travel and to prevent turning up with inappropriate equipment.

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