What is responsible tourism?

All tourism is both good and bad for the local people and environment. Responsible travel simply tries to maximise the benefits, and minimises the negative effects of tourism. That means travelling in a way which both respects and benefits local people, their culture and the environment.

Why is LiLi interested in responsible travel?

LiLi guides are loving and living their lives in these places. It is natural to want to bring something positive to the area you are enjoying.

Many travel companies consider the areas in which they run trips as resources to be exploited. At LiLi we consider that we are merely guests of the local people and that they too should be involved in the projects that we run and stand to benefit from the people visiting their home.

Having some interaction with local people and culture generates a more authentic and memorable trip. Not only will you experience the amazing white water, lifestyle and scenery, but you will also see first hand, the local people and character of a location.

What does LiLi do to make a difference?

LiLi tries, wherever possible and appropriate, to support local communities and use local workers or businesses to assist our trips.

On each LiLi trip we aim to educate clients about the local culture and social pressures in the local community – helping everyone on the trip understand the importance of responsible tourism and how to minimise the effects on the local environment.

LiLi aims to spread the word of sustainable travel not just to the people on the LiLi trips. We do this by spreading understanding to other travellers, through the website and LiLi clients passing on the message.

What can you do to make a difference?

The LiLi team have put together some brief guidelines for travellers, some easy steps that each person can take to minimise their negative impact on the area that they are travelling to.

LiLi guide for responsible travelling.