We would highly recommend getting cancellation insurance that will cover you from cancellation. You can get it from us for 35% of the cost and it will cover cost of your trip in case of cancellation. Please send us a special inquire regarding it as it has to be done upon booking.

If you cancel with us due to COVID making reaching trip destination impossible – you will be fully refunded on your deposit if done more than 30 days prior the trip.

If you cancel within 30 days before the trip you will receive a voucher that will be valid for one year for all products that we offer.

COVID insurance

To make sure you are in the best hands and to assure you of the travels with us – we provide you comprehensive in-country insurance. We do cover you for sports of high risks that include whitewater kayaking. This insurance includes:

– Medical Expenses 30 000 EURO

– Immediate Assistance Expenses 4 000 EURO

– Travel Luggage 200 EURO


Medical expenses insurance also covers getting infected by COVID and the need for hospitalization or the need to transport back to the country. There is no exclusion for epidemics excluding country of residence or limit for transport to the country of residence up to the cost of transportation to Poland/Europe.* Upon booking, you will receive terms&condition of insurance.

Please remember that we won’t be able to insure you from resignation (unless you ask for additional insurance) from the trip or the cancellation of the flights but we make sure that you are safe in the country after your arrival!

*Might be an excessive amount to be added to cover yourself if you come from outside of Poland

Safety Measures

Due to spread of COVID virus and it’s impact all around the world, we have implemented additional measures to make sure you can enjoy your holidays in these difficult times. The trip will have to follow Covid19 safety guidelines based on local regulations. 

Depending on the destination those may involve:

  • Monitoring the health conditions upon arrival
  • Symptomatic travelers might be required to take test at their own expense.
  • Tourists have to wear masks and observe the globally accepted 2-metre physical distancing.
  • Avoidance of public spaces during the trip