Robbie Mingay



Toronto, Ontario

Favourite rivers:

The Nile, The Ottawa, St. Lawrence

Why do you coach?

I love being able to share my passion for kayaking with others. Getting paid to do it is just a bonus!

Why do you love kayaking?

To me, rivers are some of the world’s most amazing environments.  They are beautiful and powerful places to be. To have fun and play on them is such an amazing way to experience the world. Plus, surfing is cool!

Highlights from your kayaking life?

Spending a year working on the White Nile was the most amazing experience of my life (so far).  Getting to paddle that river everyday was such a privilege and being a part of that community was so rewarding. Can’t wait for more adventures though!

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

It’s a wig!

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