Bartosz and Sam for Love it Live it

The LiLi story

If you are passionate about it and devote your time and energy towards it, you will be rewarded and you will excel at it.

Love it Live it is a concept that can be applied to almost anything.

LiLi is an adventure travel, coaching and kayaking company run by professional coaches who live their lives travelling and kayaking around the world.

For the coaches of LiLi, it is the passion for exploring, adventuring and kayaking and the desire to inspire others to share those experiences and skills.

In 2008, Sam Ward founded Love It Live It with nothing more than a burning desire to teach kayaking on some of the world’s most beautiful rivers.

Kicking things off on the Nile in Uganda, Sam devoted himself to offering adventure-craving travellers world-class kayak coaching and unforgettable holidays. Ten years later Sam has grown the LiLi Team to include a partnership with one of the best freestyle kayakers and coaches in the world, Bartosz Czauderna.

Bartosz brings more than ten years of experience coaching some of the world’s best kayakers along with the ability to be universally loved by everyone who meets him! With Bartosz’s fresh energy and Sam’s solid guidance we’re excited to bring new kayaking adventures in destinations like Chile, Austria, Slovakia and more in 2019 and beyond.

The LiLi coaching team is made up of World Champions, national team members, and, above all, high grade coaches. Every one of our coaches look forward to introducing you to the reasons why they continue to Love it and Live it.

Principles of our Work

Sharing our Passion

Kayaking is our dream and part of this dream includes kayaking in amazing destinations. That is how LiLi emerged and we are proud to follow our mission and share our dreams with other passionate paddlers of all levels.

Personalised Approach

Everybody requires a different approach to achieve personal goals. We create our trips and develop our itineraries so we can really become friends and understand your goals to help select the right path for your own personal growth.

Innovative Coaching

We have been passionate about teaching for many years. We love nothing more than diving deep into the knowledge of methodics led by analytical and systematical schools of thinking. Connecting it with the most recent, innovative and creative ways of teaching we hope to provide a fun and innovative approach to coaching that will bring your kayaking to the next level.
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The LiLi experience