Bartosz Czauderna

  • Cracow, Poland
  • V-ce European Champion 2018

    Multiple Times Polish Champion K1M
    Bronze Medalist from European Championships K1SM
    Bronze Medalist from World Cups  K1SM
    5th place World Championships K1SM
    8th Place World Championships K1M


I’ve been kayaking since I remember, my Mom and family took me into touristic kayaking when I was very young . I started in a touristic club called Krakowski Klub Kajakowy in Melchiora Wankowicza.


I kept paddling there till February 2007 when my cousins went to “Bystrze” – Academic club at AGH university and met Piotr Sikora from Retendo who was looking for juniors for Freestyle Kayaking. They asked me if I would like to give it a try and I got immediately interested and I got completely addicted!


Since then I’m spending every possible moment training or looking for playspots. At the beginning of 2009 I changed club to Krakowski Klub kajakowy which helps me with my training and travels. I have graduated as a Master from Academy of Physical Education extending my experience and passion acquiring coaching abilities.


Following that (and being kind of a nerd!) I did another Master in Sport Management at Jagiellonian University, Took a part EMTM in Girona and finally became a PhD student back at Jagiellonian University.


However, my life is about kayaking. It is not only a sport, it’s way of living for me. It has made me who I am – taught me the value of a smile, connection to nature, let me meet so many amazing friends all around the world in places I wouldn’t ever be able to visit otherwise. 


Thank you to everybody who shared that passion with me, now I hope to share it with others! Teaching is simply my passion. I love sharing knowledge and bringing more out of people while seeing how they fall in love with the sport that has changed my life!



Favorite Place to Paddle:

White Nile (Uganda), Salza (Austria) and well, anything that flows and I can share time with friends on the water!


Something crazy about me… 

I love cookies and cows!

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